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My feeling is that everyone fits into one of two categories: room service and roughing it.  While staying in Page, you'll have many lodging options to choose from and hopefully, I can offer some advice in this area.

In this case, bigger isn't always better.

Some smaller properties make up for the lack of amenities with charm.  If you've never tried a bed and breakfast, or a smaller hotel, perhaps now is the time.  You may even save some money.

Understand that Wahweap Marina is about 9 miles from Page where you will find most of the area's services.  Staying in a hotel in Page will give you greater access to restaurants, entertainment, golf, tours, etc.

If you want convenience, stay at the Lodge inside the park.

If you are looking for an upscale chain hotel, try the Courtyard by Marriott (see
www.canyon-country.com/lakepowell/marriott.htm).  It has the best restaurant in town, fabulous views, a pool and spa, and it is located on the golf course.  A nice plus is that there is a brick wall in each room and, well, silence is golden.  It is a relatively new, very clean, modern and offers quality service.  We recommend it for those looking for a luxury property.

If you are looking for a family suite, but still want a major chain hotel, try the Best Western at Lake Powell
www.canyon-country.com/lakepowell/bw.htm).  This hotel is almost completely non-smoking.

Another nice economical chain hotel is the Days Inn.  It's one of the newest properties in Page and the rates are very reasonable.  See our web page at

All three have plenty of large vehicle parking.

Okay, so if you're seeking something a bit different, try Linda's Lake Powell condos
(www.canyon-country.com/lakepowell/condo.htm).  Many units offer views and there is plenty of parking.  It is located in Greenehaven and very close to the boat launch ramps.

There are plenty of other great options for lodging.  If you want to meet interesting people, try Uncle Bill's
www.canyon-country.com/unclebill).  There are a number of nice bed and breakfasts we recommend Canyon Colors, Dream Katcher's, Sunrise View  and Linda Lee's Bed and Breakfast. There are other fine accommodations as well listed on our lodging page at:
www.canyon-country.com/lakepowell/rooms.htm.  Just be sure you are looking at properties located in Page or near Wahweap Marina.

If you are looking for accommodations for Bullfrog Marina or Hall's Crossing, we highly recommend Ticaboo Lodge.