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Personal watercraft are no longer banned on Lake Powell.  We have information posted on our website regarding this

PWC's are like snowmobiles for the water and require no prior experience to operate.  It's nothing short of a blast.

In years gone by, PWC were renowned for all kinds of problems including sinking, rolling over, stalling, etc.   The new models are far more stable and reliable. 

But like powerboats, be sure to ask the YEAR of the equipment you are renting.  These don't survive much more than a year or two in a rental fleet without experiencing some sort of problem.  The rule of thumb here is to rent a new machine or last year's model.  

Also, some makes aren't recommended for towing behind a boat, be sure to ask if you intend on doing this.  Generally, there is no insurance on PWC, so if you sink it, you own it. 

I only recommend www.doopowell.com and www.skylite.net for personal watercraft rentals. If they do not have availability, they may be able to assist you with obtaining a rental from another company.