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Having done just about everything, my recommendation for experiencing Lake Powell, especially for first time visitors, is to rent a powerboat and explore.  A powerboat will allow you to get away from crowds and have enough speed to see a sizable portion of the lake. 

If you plan on traveling to Lake Powell only once or with a larger group, get a houseboat.

If you love Lake Powell, you'll want to come back.  Renting a powerboat will give you a good idea of what you want to do on your return trip.  If you don't absolutely love Lake Powell (oh, and how could you?) renting a powerboat will be a more economical way of experiencing the area.

My first recommendation is to camp on a boat.  For larger groups, I recommend a deck boat (see www.skylite.net) where you can sleep aboard, have running water, rest room facilities and still have enough power to waterski and explore.  For groups under six, consider a cuddy cabin that offers similar amenities (www.doopowell.com).  For the 2001 season, Doo Powell recently add big luxury cruisers, worth considering if you really want to do it up "right."  If you would like to sightsee or hike, rent a powerboat.

If you do not have any experience operating a boat, or are not comfortable backing a trailer, we recommend you rent from the NPS concessionaire.  We have rates and rental information posted here.

You will want to include a side trip to Rainbow Bridge and this is most easily accomplished in a powerboat.  

Also, you don't want to be out on the lake in a small fishing skiff or anything under 18' feet in length.  You also want to ensure that you have enough power to get to shore in a storm situation.  These smaller boats are ideal as a tagalong, though.

You should be aware that no matter how new or how well maintained, boats do breakdown. 

Understand the park service will NOT repair your boat if you are stranded on the lake, and unless it is a matter of life or death, they will not tow you in to the marina (nice huh?) This applies to rental equipment and private boats, as well.