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Lake Powell is huge – almost 200 miles long and stretching from northern Arizona through southeastern Utah.  There are five marinas on the Lake, some as much as six hours driving time apart. 

The area is part of the National Park Service, so everything inside the National Recreation Area boundary is ultimately under the control of the federal government. Inside the park, NPS grants contracts to specific businesses to operate concessions, outside the park (as in Page, AZ and Big Water, UT) the businesses must compete against each other.  Most businesses are required to obtain a permit to do business within the Park. 

We'll just cut to the chase.  You want to plan your vacation around Wahweap Marina outside of Page, AZ. Unless you are bringing your own boat and don't mind lugging all your groceries with you (and anything else you might need), then you want to avoid the other marinas -- IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE.  There's nothing wrong with them – other than a lack of services in the area located outside of the park. 

Wahweap Marina is near Page, Arizona (about 7 miles). In Page, you will find a real town with an airport offering daily scheduled air service, major chain hotels, small bed and breakfasts, independent tour operators, competitive grocery stores, a variety of restaurants and two golf courses.

Unless one of the other marinas is so close to where you live that driving to Page would be ridiculous, just plan on starting here.

If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah, or Colorado, choose Bullfrog Marina.  We recommend you make Ticaboo Lodge your headquarters (12 miles from the Marina).  The hotel has a pool and there is a restaurant and convenience store.  Ticaboo also has an RV Park.  Room rates are generally lower than inside the park and there is far less traffic.  The hotel recently has been remodeled.  There is plenty of parking.